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 AddTag(New) For authentication and anti-counterfeiting purpose.
AddClear Increase the clarity of Polypropylene
AddDiffuse Add light diffuse effect to clear plastics such as PC, GPPS, and Acrylic PMMA
AddFoam Reduce the density or weight of plastics(PE, PP, PA) while not significantly altering the mechanical properties
AddBright Increase the brightness of edges of plastics.
AddMark To make a perment mark on plastics with a Laser pointer
AddGuard Suppress the groth of bacteria and fungi (EPA approved)
AddImpact Impact modifer for PLA, and Impact modifer for PA
AddSlip Reduce the surface friction of plastics; will not migrate to or out of the surface 
AddDegrade Accelerate degradation of plastics under UV
AddLink Prevent hydrolysis and improve the melt strength of PET, PBT, PA, PC, PLA, and TPU
AddWood Masterbatch with hydrophobic wood fiber (non swelling when exposed to humid enviroment)


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